Beautiful Spanish Horses For Sale

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PRE, stallion, 9 years old, 168 cm, beautiful shiny chestnut color

medium level dressage, medium price

PRE, grey, stallion, 7 years old, well ridden, high level dressage, easy to ride, high price


 +47 943 95 113

Spanish horses for sale:

PRE horses with papers: Pura Raza Espanola

CDE horses without papes: Caballo Deportivo Espanol

Our prices starts form 6000 euro and higher

We offer horses from basic to high level dressage

We find stallions, mares, geldings, colts, fillies for you

Ordering transport and paper work can be arranged

Speaking: English, spanish, german, scandinavian

Call us on number : +4794395113 / +34695529985


 Based in Jerez de la Frontera in the heart of Andalucia, I may have seen your dream horse the other day ! 


I have contact with local breeders and riders and will do my best to find  the perfect horse for you


If it is a black stallion or a grey mare, a young horse or a high lever cometition horse you are lookin for? I will make photos, video and ride it for you, if you dont have any opportunity so com here at the moment